Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Perfect for this Christmas season and the new year.

Please always remember, don’t ever forget,
A life without chance, is a life of regret.
Choose wisely your options, they’ll change every day,
Never letting tomorrow get in your way.
Stand tall in your battles of loss and lament,
Tears shed in pity are never well spent.
Shake off the old shadows of yesterday,
Take hold of your future and lead the way.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013


Sometimes, you just can't help but think, "why is life picking on me?"
Then again, if it wasn' would just go after someone else. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

(by: Lisa Hunsel / Serenity 65)
Picked on, punished, beat up and abused.
How much more can our hearts consume.
Life goes on until we’re left as just a bruise.
No glimmer of light in this empty room.
I sink from the stones that's been thrown at me.
I worn, I'm torn, too tired to fight.
I sink to the ground on bended knee.
Waiting for the world to set itself right.
Deep breathes I take, to cleanse my mind.
Gather my senses and get back up again.
I'm beaten down, but not left behind.
I look on to where I'm going and back where I've been.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Breaking Memories

Sometimes it's hard to look ahead, when all you want to do is go back.

Breaking Memories
(Lisa H/Serenity)

I close my eyes and you’re what I see
This feeling of pain washes over me
It’s not that these memories hurt me so
I can’t get over you and they won’t let me go

Everything reminds me of you
Every song that I hear, everything I do
Not a day goes by that I don’t try to hide
All of the memories resting inside

Moving on with your life is so hard to see
You’re healthy and happy and all without me
I try breaking memories to move on with my life
But truth be told, it cuts deep, like a knife

Creating new memories without you seems wrong
I shouldn’t have hurt you that way, all along.
It’s no wonder you’re able to not look behind
My words were so thoughtless, uncaring and unkind

How others can do this so effortlessly
Is a puzzle unsolved and way beyond me
My time is my own now that we’re apart
I guess I’ll just tuck you back inside my heart

Monday, April 2, 2012


This is what happens when you're young and foolish.
I think everyone has one of these in their past.

(Serenity/Lisa H)

Nothing more than memories, I cling to in my dreams
What once we had between us is empty now, it seems

Nothing more than sadness, a reminder of what I’d done
So young and simply foolish to give up the only one.

A shell of childish daydreams of what life would bring to me
I didn’t see the puzzle of us fitting perfectly

I can’t take back the hurtful words, they linger on tomorrow
Echo’s of unspoken pain, has left us both with sorrow.

Though time has pushed you forward and helped you to carry on
I can only hold onto my past, I know those days are gone.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Let Go...

Don’t Let Go…
Serenity/Lisa H 03/2012

If ever there was a little white lie
It’s me telling you just to leave.
It would fall like a raindrop right out of the sky
If only I could believe.

When you tell me you’re sorry, didn’t mean any harm
It just sounds like dishonesty
Yet, I feel so comforted by all of your charm
You show it so naturally.

If I tell you to leave me, to just walk away
It means that I love you and want you to stay
The tears on my face are trying to show
When you walk out that door, I don’t want you to go.

What’s so damned tempting with a heart so untrue?
When it causes me so much pain
What’s not to love about a lie made for two?
All my suspicions, in vain.

I can’t have you beside me,
There’s no trust there, that I see,
But how do I tell my heart not to show
I’ll be heartbroken forever
Fall in love again, never
I can't let you stay, but don't go.

If I tell you to leave me, to just walk away
It means that I love you and want you to stay
The tears on my face are trying to show
When you walk out that door, I don’t want you to go.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who Am I

Re-posting...some day's I just wonder. 

Who am I
(Serenity - Lisa H)

Open, so exposed
Left helpless in the night
A light shines on the battle
Of wrong and right

The excitement of knowing
The forbidden exits
Leaves me aching, breaking
I can’t resist

.....Caught up in sensation
.....No room for emotion
.....Enveloped in the passion
.....The comfort of devotion

My life’s not my own
It lies helplessly still
Depending on another
My desires to fulfill

Uncertainty lends way
To the fear I deny
My trust starts to crumble
What does this imply?

.....The end of reality
.....My heart, a complexity
.....No longer a mystery
.....My life, now a memory.